Dr. Michael, Dr. Ronan & Dr. Imelda Connolly | Climate Change | No Shame Podcast #097

Dr. Michael, Dr. Ronan & Dr. Imelda Connolly join us in the studio for episode #097 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast. The Connolly's are on the show to discuss some of their work, which includes potentially groundbreaking research on climate change. The Research suggests that the Greenhouse effect, or global warming as we know it, has been largely falsified & is accelerating nowhere near the pace that has been suggested by mainstream media.

The Mother, Father & Son trio operate the Connolly Scientific Research Group, based in Ireland. Since 2009 they have focused their attention primarily on Climate change. During the episode Michael, Ronan & Imelda give a breakdown of tests surrounding weather balloons, & share some comparative studies indicating previous research on the subject to be largely inaccurate.

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The Connolly's also discuss some of the uphill battles they're facing against NGO's such as Greenpeace. The three doctors firmly believe that the climate change is a buzz word for big organisations to cash in on. There is also a healthy conversation during the podcast surrounding the carbon tax.

For more information on their researching surrounding Greenpeace, click here.

On the subject of Greta Thunberg & the Extinction Rallies currently taking place in Dublin, Imelda talks of her admiration for people choosing to fight for what they believe in, despite the fact she believes they've been miss informed on the situation due to media discourse & propaganda.

Dr. Michael & Dr. Ronan also discuss plastic, the affect it's having on our environment, along with the myths & the facts surrounding it. Ronan & Michael refer to the common mealworm & its ability to safely biodegrade plastic.

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The episode finishes with an experiment looking at how air transports energy mechanically, almost instantaneously. The test highlights the fact that the atmosphere can't be measured on thermal energy alone.


It's important to look at every side of the argument before making your mind up. This episode will get a lot of people thinking, it might divide some of our fans but we've always believed in getting the information out there for the viewer to decide for themselves. 

For more information on some of the Connolly's work, check out Ronan's website
www.ronanconnollyscience.com which is an excellent starting point.

The full episode #097 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast is available now across all the usual platforms including Youtube, Spotify & iTunes.

Dr. Michael & Dr. Ronan Connolly Present at Center for Environmental Research and Earth Sciences

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