No Shame Cast - Jobstown "Not Guilty" NS003 - Part 1 & 2



No Shame Cast - Jobstown "Not Guilty" NS003 - Part 1 & 2. In this exclusive interview for Limor,  Paddy Holohan meets Sandra Fay a former solidarity and "Jobstown Not Guilty" activist and Mick Banks one of the oringinal "Jobstown 6".

Originally if found guilty Mick could have been faced with a life sentence. In this fascinating interview you hear a side of the jobs town water charges scandal that has not been heard!



In the second part of No Shame Cast - Jobstown "Not Guilty" NS003 interview, Paddy Holohan discusses the trials & tribulations of the court case.

Sandra Fay and Mick Banks discuss how it all unraveled for the Government and ultimately led to a famous victory for the "Jobstown Not Guilty" campaign.


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