Paddy Brosnan | Mindfulness | Inspirational Speaker | Author | No Shame Podcast #098

Paddy Brosnan joins us in the studio for episode #098 of Paddy Holohan’s No Shame Podcast. Paddy is a mindfulness & meditation teacher, inspirational speaker & author.

During this weeks episode Brosnan tells Paddy of the incredible success he experienced during his early professional career. Despite the fact he was high up the ladder in the corporate world something wasn’t right on a personal level. Paddy was extremely unhappy on the inside. When he was in his early 30’s he came to the realisation that things needed to shift. This marked the beginning of an intense inward journey of spiritual development.


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Paddy discusses the 10 years of practicing mindfulness before he began developing an idea for a workshop. 60 people showed up to his very first show & now he has a social media following of over 80,000. Its a great example of the work that’s required to experience success on a high level.

Brosnan focuses on one of his main teachings, the importance of being kind to one another & how there might be less war in the world if people applied that philosophy to daily life. Also on this weeks show, Brosnan tells us about the difference between an opinion, belief & thought.

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Paddy’s teachings are simple but at the same time profound. At the heart of this is a very direct & accessible insight into how the development of awareness can ultimately bring us a deeper sense of contentment & happiness. He teaches it all through humour & compassion, something that’s very evident throughout the podcast.

His book - “This works, How to Use Mindfulness to Calm the Hell Down and Just Be Happy” (Hay House Publishing) is available everywhere books are sold. To celebrate the books one year anniversary Paddy is giving a 20% discount on Amazon.

If you’re searching for a bit of Tuesday motivation, look no further. Episode #098 is a deep chat on our perception of reality, life & what's important. The full episode #098 of Paddy Holohan’s No Shame Podcast is available now across all the usual platforms including Youtube, Spotify & iTunes.


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