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The Hooligan Report

  • The Hooligan Report | Bare Knuckle | No Shame Podcast #071

    Back by popular demand, we're mixing it up this week with a Hooligan Report edition of the No Shame Podcast. It's something we used to do a lot more in the early days of the show & recently we've received a barrage of requests from the die hard No Shamers to bring it back into the mix. The t... View Episode
  • No Shame Cast episode #012 - The Hooligan Report

    Episode #012 of No Shame sees the second instalment of The Hooligan Report, in which Paddy provides a more specific MMA rundown along with an update on what's going down in his world. On this cast there is also an update on Richie Smullen's 'The Ultimate Fighter' Journey. The Hooligan covers ... View Episode
  • No Shame Cast episode #007 - The Hooligan Report

    No Shame Cast episode #007 - The Hooligan Report. On this weeks episode Paddy Holohan gives a run-down of recent events from the world of MMA including; 219, Conor McGregor, khabib Nurmagomedov, previews of the upcoming UFC Fight Night 124, UFC 220 & much much more. This is one  for the MMA ... View Episode