Glen McAuley | Liverpool FC| No Shame Podcast #078

We're joined by Liverpool FC forward, Glen McAuley, for episode #078 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast. Fresh off his stunning victory in the Local elections, which saw the Hooligan take top spot in his constituency Tallaght South, the newly elected Councillor Holohan addresses the weekend's results & what it means for Dublin, Ireland & further afield.

Paddy opens the show by thanking those who turned up to vote for him & outlines some of his views & ideas for the job ahead. He also addresses the poor turnout & reiterates the importance of voting.

Glen, a Jobstown native, talks about leaving home age 13 to join Liverpool Football Club, a team he supported as a boy. During the show McAuley discusses the ruthless competitiveness & desire needed to make it with the Reds, something he felt came natural to the Irish players at the Club. Glen spent his teen years growing up in Liverpool & went to school there. He got on very well with he locals & felt it helped him to integrate better with his team mates at the club.

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In what could be seen as one of the unlikeliest contract demands of all time, McAuley negotiated a wardrobe of his own upon signing for the reds, as he had nice clothes/shoes he wanted to protect.

Paddy & Glen compare their respective sports & find similarities in the emotions experienced from winning. McAuley, who was coached by Steven Gerrard in the U18 setup last season talks about what it felt like scoring his first significant goal for the Academy. Glen has scored some spectacular goals in his time at LFC. McAuley also explains that meeting your heroes in person is a different kind of feeling to seeing them on TV.

Glen tells us how his attitude is one of his strongest qualities in the dressing room, taking responsibility for a poor performance & remaining focused on the training pitch when things don't go according to plan in a game.

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Paddy closes the show by returning to political talk from the weekend's count & mentions some of the cheap tactics other candidates & parties used during the election to gain an advantage. Glen also give his Champions League prediction for the weekend, insisting on a 3-1 win for Liverpool.

Glen is a shining light in the Jobstown area & is the positive story that the media have so often failed to report on. He has wisdom beyond his years & a level of respect that most 19 year olds could only dream of.

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