No Shame Cast Episode #014 - Blessing Awodibu

It's episode #014 of No Shame and Paddy is joined by Castle bar native Blessing Awodibu, Ireland's first ever Proffesional body builder. Blessing, a two time Arnold champion, is not only one of the hardest working pro body builders but also rivals most comedians with his ridiculously funny videos. He is looking to change the perception of a typical body builder by projecting a positive message to his legions of followers across all social media platforms.

Watch episode #014 below.


Blessing is born winner and has all the qualities of a champion. We look forward to following his journey to becoming a future Mr Olympia champion. Stick the kettle on and prepare to laugh all the way to the bottom of the rabbit hole, you know the drill by now.

Listen to episode #014 below.

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