Darren Conway | Comedian | No Shame Podcast #124

Darren Conway joins us on the line for episode #124 of Paddy Holohan’s No Shame Podcast. Darren is a comedian who has taken the internet by storm with his satirical take on Irish life. The social media star has gained many fans in recent months with his dry humour earning praise from the likes of Michael Conlan, Blindboy, & Mary Lou McDonald.

At the start of the show, Paddy addresses recent events in America surrounding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last Monday. George died after a white police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for almost 9 minutes suffocating the 46 year old who repeatedly pleaded for his life. George’s death was captured on video & sparked outrage leading to world wide protests, with riots breaking out across the US. Many activists, actors, musicians, sports starts & social media influencers have since spoken out against the racism & police injustice that has re-surfaced over the past week. Paddy re-affirms that message by urging people not to stay quiet & to educate against prejudice that still exists in today’s society.

Paddy also discusses matters closer to home regarding the homeless crisis in Dublin. Cllr. Anthony Flynn recently made us aware of situation involving a 70 year old man & woman being forced to sleep in their car after being evicted. Another situation involved a health worker being issued a ticket after sleeping in her car outside a Garda station. In these times it’s never been more important to stick together, Paddy urges people to unite together.


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On this week’s episode Darren tells us what he’s been up to during lockdown, using the period of isolation as an opportunity to write new material, produce more sketches & collaborate with the likes of PaddyPower. His most recent clip takes inspiration from Matt Damon’s time in Ireland during the pandemic, claiming the Hollywood A-lister wanted to stay for some lovely cans.

Darren started creating sketches over 8 years ago & has been relentless ever since, continuously refining & perfecting his material . When he’s not entertaining the nation, Conway works full time as a barman, which is extremely impressive when you consider how often he posts new material. Over the past few months his content surrounding the Irish General Election & the Covid-19 pandemic has put Darren firmly on course to becoming a full time comedian sooner rather than later.

Also on this weeks show Darren gives us his dream line up for Fight Island with Kenan & Kel a surprise addition to the card which also includes a showdown between Gerry Adams & Mattress Mick. Darren has big plans for the future with the recent announcement that he’ll be starting his own podcast show in the coming weeks.


Darren's recent Matt Damon Sketch


In Darren’s words he is ‘just normal bloke that goes to the shop’ which is perhaps that very reason his content is so appealing. His characters, scenarios & catchphrases represent people, places & moments that we’ve all come across at some point in time. That said, there is only one DJ Fresh Vibes. Yup Darren Conway.

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