Owen Colgan | Comedian | No Shame Podcast #123

Owen Colgan joins us on the line for episode #123 of Paddy Holohan’s No Shame Podcast. The comedian has recently launched his new chat show ‘ Around the Fire with Owen Colgan’, a three part series currently available on the RTE Player. Although the show was cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak, fans of Colgan will not be disappointed.

Owen, who rose to fame for his break out role as Buzz McDonnell in the hit TV series ‘Hardy Bucks’ has firmly established himself on the Irish comedy circuit as a name in his own right. The Mayo native has gained a huge online following for his unique style, when he’s not talking about jambons or crows, he’s featuring regularly for the likes of content kings Paddy Power, the sketch where he caddies for 2019 Open Champion, Shane Lowry is a particular favourite.

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On this weeks show Owen gives us an update on what he’s been getting up to during lockdown, providing us with some useful tips & tricks to make it through the pandemic. It’s proven to be a very creative period for Owen as he’s been busy shooting new content, learning to play the flute, growing fresh vegetables, all while training to run a marathon around his village. Colgan offers his take on Fight Island, with his dream line-up one absolutely nobody could have predicted.

Owen also has his own podcast which is exclusively available on Patreon, the latest episode entitled ‘Basketball Dreams and hanging out in Woodies’ is everything we’ve come to know and love from the comedian.

Colgan’s humour has a universal appeal, particularly in the sporting world, he regularly works with household names across MMA, GAA, soccer & horse racing. We are perhaps a little bit biased but Owen's 2016 Eir Sport online mini series  ‘Hard Men In Cars Getting Coffee’ featuring Paddy himself, is comedy gold. 


 Owen & Paddy feature in Eir Sports' hilarious 'Hard Men In Cars Getting Coffee'


This is Owen’s second time on the No Shame Podcast, you can check out his first appearance here for more weird & random insights on the great man himself.

The self proclaimed hardest man in Ireland may not win a UFC title anytime soon, but there’s no doubt he’s a contender for one of Ireland’s funniest. The full episode #123 of Paddy Holohan’s No Shame Podcast is available now across all major platforms including Youtube, iTunes & Spotify, this one’s a cracker.


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