No Shame Cast Episode #040: Colin Byrne

On episode #040 of the No Shame podcast, Paddy is joined by the inspirational Colin Byrne. Colin is a mixed martial artist, owner of The Shinobi Academy & a full time M.M.A dojo in The Algarve, Portugal. Alongside Dr.Julian Dalby, Colin is one of the main men behind the World leading McGregor FAST, a zone based workout program for ultimate performance. The system is used by Conor McGregor himself & Colin plays a vital role in the CHAMP-CHAMP'S cardio preparation during camp.

Listen to episode #040 of No Shame below:


A former semi-pro cyclist, Colin started his martial arts career in Ninjutsu in 1997, and holds a 3rd dan black belt in this discipline, and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu. He is also the film-maker and photographer for The Mac Life.(Source: '').

Colin covers so many interesting chapters of his life on this podcast, from deciding to end his cycling career mid race to getting his gloves wrapped in Thailand by a blind man, this episode has some truly cracking stories including a few belters from that famous Iceland camp. Colin talks about the excellence of Conor McGregor, what it's like working with the greatest of all time & offers his views on how he thinks the Khabib fight will go down. Colin also provides a thorough breakdown of the McGregor FAST programme & how the new app is designed to help people of all shapes and sizes.

Watch episode #040 of No Shame below:

 There are some brilliant core values and life lessons in this podcast that apply to absolutely everyone. One of the most in depth, thought provoking chats we've had so far in the No Shame studio. Make sure you give it a listen.

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