No Shame Cast Episode #057: Pete Taylor

Pete Taylor joins Paddy in the studio for our New Years day edition of the No Shame podcast. Pete is a boxing coach (pro & amateur), former Irish light Heavy weight champion, is the father & former trainer of the legendary Katie Taylor. Pete is known for his high attention to detail & coached Katie to all of her amateur titles including, 5 World Championships, 6 European Championships & Olympic gold in 2012.

Pete is on the couch to talk about getting through a difficult 2018, along with addressing the rumours, speculation & reports surrounding the tragic shooting at Bray Boxing club in July 2018, in which a gunman fired 8 bullets, killing one & injuring 2, Pete was shot in the chest & suffered a severe arm break.

Watch Episode #057 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast below


Pete left his native Leeds for Ireland at the age of of just 14, spending his first night sleeping rough on Bray Beach, the same beach that staged Katie's homecoming parade in 2012, before getting a job in the local arcade. Taylor spent years doing the doors in Bray & began coaching Katie when she was aged 10.

He set up a gym in an old boat house, they called it the 'Tin Can', it produced two Olympians (Katie & Adam Nolan) & had no toilets, they had to use a local pub's facilities. Pete talks about the charm of that original club, It was only after Katie's Olympic gold that the new club was built to honour the incredible achievement.

Pete opens up about his relationship with Katie both past & present, discussing the split as her coach due to a personal matter & offers insights into her mindset, core values & beliefs. He explains how he's never seen another boxer, male, female, pro or amateur that's as dedicated & committed as his daughter is. He also discusses Katie's pro career.

Taylor talks about rebuilding for 2019, after multiple set backs, he refuses to lie down. He was cornering fighters 4 days after the shooting, has obtained his pro boxing license & will continue to coach more pro boxers in 2019. Boxing is all he knows & he's still as passionate about it now as he ever was.

Listen to Episode #057 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast below

This is an incredibly honest conversation & a must watch for any Irish sports fan. Pete Taylor has given so much to Irish boxing, that it's important to hear his story before casting judgement on the man, who just want's to get on with his coaching career. Some of the reports in the media over the last few months have been widely speculated, they are using Katie's name to sell headlines & the back lash is extremely distressing for everybody involved. #NoShame

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