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Cathal Pendred

  • Hooligan | The Book Launch | No Shame Podcast #100

    We’ve finally reached episode 100 of the Podcast & to celebrate we're bringing you a No Shame exclusive, Paddy’s book launch recorded live from Dublin’s Twenty Two.  ‘Hooligan’, the autobiography of Paddy Holohan, is now available worldwide & already the reaction to the book has been ama... View Episode
  • No Shame Cast Episode #058: Cathal Pendred

    Cathal Pendred is in the studio for episode #058 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast. Cathal is an Irish actor, retired UFC welterweight, Cage Warriors Champion & former senior rugby player. Pendred also studied in DCU, has a BSc degree in Analytical Science & has his own restaurant, Cho... View Episode
  • No Shame Cast Episode #035: John Connor

    On this weeks episode of No Shame, Paddy is joined by John Connor. John is a world class S&C coach/ co founder & director of the ISI (Irish Strength Institute). Listen to episode #035 below.   John has worked with an impressive list of professional athletes including the Hooligan himself... View Episode