No Shame Cast Episode #035: John Connor

On this weeks episode of No Shame, Paddy is joined by John Connor. John is a world class S&C coach/ co founder & director of the ISI (Irish Strength Institute).

Listen to episode #035 below.


John has worked with an impressive list of professional athletes including the Hooligan himself, Conor McGregor, Kiefer Crosbie, Carl Frampton, Cathal Pendred & much more. John has been involved in the fitness industry for over 15 years.

On episode #035 of the No Shame podcast John talks about the evolution of preparation. He looks back on what it was like working with the original Irish invasion crew for weight cuts compared to today's fighters & talks about the new research he is doing on his PHD.

Watch episode #035 below.


John offers functional training/programs for his clients & this is very much a functional podcast with some great tips on weight cuts, water loading, nutrition. Still packed with the usual Hooligan bants also, No Shame at it's very best. Check it out now. Morale of today's episode, never water load with Tea (Milk & 1 Sugar).

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