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  • Richie Ivory | Pro MMA Fighter | Coach | No Shame Podcast #088

    We're joined by Richie Ivory for episode #088 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast. Richie is a professional MMA fighter, coach, BJJ black belt & a former opponent of Paddy's with both men facing off in a sold out TNP Redemption main event back in 2010.Ivory's venture into MMA began when he p... View Episode
  • No Shame Cast Episode #045: Lynn Ruane

    Senator Lynn Ruane joins Paddy on the couch this week for episode #045 of the No Shame podcast. Lynn, a Tallaght native, is a politician with a rock and roll back story. She spent much of her early teens caught up with petty crime & drug abuse. By age fifteen she had dropped out of school &am... View Episode