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Jay Hutton joins us in the studio for episode #092 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast. Jay is a famous tattoo artist, he is the owner of the renowned ADRENALINE TATTOO STUDIO & is perhaps best known for his work on E4's 'Tattoo Fixers'. Jay is also host of his own podcast 'The Jay Hutton Show' & it's absolutely hilarious.

Jay was over in Ireland at the weekend for a charity match hosted by Calum best in memory of his father, the late, great, George Best, with all proceedings going Tallaght Drug & Alcohol Task Force and UK-based charity, the National Association of Alcoholics.

From an early age, Hutton was obsessed with art & saw drawing as a form of escapism. Despite his obvious talents, he opted against doing the subject for his GCSE's after a bad experience with an art teacher in school.


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Hutton, who would spend hours on his art homework every night, was bizarrely marked down for a lack of effort. Jay quizzed his teacher for an answer at a parent teacher meeting & after examining his portfolio she realised she'd made an error of judgement. Jay transferred to a different art class & immediately impressed his new art teacher upon arrival, receiving an apology in the process. Hutton stopped drawing completely for a few years after school, perhaps feeling he didn't need to justify himself to the education system.

After spending the next couple of years working in McDonald's & Asda to save money, Jay discovered the TV Show 'Miami Ink' & fell in love with art all over again. Coupled with his father's advice of doing something that made him happy, Jay decided he wanted to become a Tattoo artist.

He tells Paddy of the day he went to a local tattoo studio with his brother to see how it was done, impressing the tattoo artist with his portfolio, Hutton was immediately offered a job.


Jay talks about his formative years, the blood sweat & tears, discussing the fear of tattooing his very first customer, his friend's brother, who was tough as nails. The job took him nearly 4 hours to complete & it had to be finished off by an experienced tattoo artist. It was a basic Tattoo that now of days would take him about 30 minutes to do. It's worth nothing that his first customer was a satisfied customer.

Hutton talks about struggling at the start & questioned if he was good enough at times, but he stuck with it & his artistic flare started to shine through. When you see some of Jay's work today it's truly mind-blowing to think he ever had doubts but it's another example that even the best have to start somewhere.

Jay quickly became a name in his own right in the tattoo industry & was head hunted by Tim Harcourt of Studio Lambert to film a pilot for Tattoo fixers. He'd previously never worked with Co-Stars Alice Perrin or Sketch but talks about the instant chemistry between the three the night before they filmed the pilot episode in London. Channel 4 were so impressed by the pilot that they commissioned the series without ever airing the pilot episode & the show premiered on E4, 23 June 2015.


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The show proved to be an instant hit with the E4 audience & Jay talks about handling the overnight fame that came with it. Since leaving the show in 2018 Hutton has successfully opened his own studio, ADRENALINE TATTOO STUDIO with his brother Danny by his side.

Both Paddy & Jay swap stories on the pain of getting tattoos. Paddy's first tattoo was over 8 hours long & he explains how it was so sore that he still hasn't gone back to get it finished.

Since starting his new podcast 'The Jay Hutton Show' Jay has interviewed guests such as Paddy Pimblett, Alice Perrin & Andy Grant. It's very similar to The No Shame Podcast in both format & humour, with guests from all cycles of life stopping by for a chat. Make sure you add it to your list.


This is another belter of a podcast. Jay is a man that's passionate about what he does, his attention to detail is first class, he believes in himself, has put the hard yards in to get to where he is today but above all he has the attitude of a winner. The traits of a successful person are universal & can be applied across all industries & sports. It's so important to understand that setbacks & failure are part of the process, you have to stick with your passion no matter what. We'd love to know what that art teacher would say if she could see Jay now though.

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