No Shame Cast Episode #021 - Leah McCourt

On this week's No Shame podcast Paddy is joined by pro MMA fighter Leah McCourt. Leah is a world and European IMMAF/IBJJF champion, Judo Blackbelt, BJJ Purple belt & proud mother to Isabella.

Listen to episode #021 of No Shame below:


Leah is an advocate for MMA despite a rigorous training regime, McCourt still finds time to run self defence courses for woman along with actively helping local charities. On this weeks show Paddy and Leah discuss everything including judo, BJJ, horse-riding, chippers, sparring with men and much, much more.

 Watch episode #021 of No Shame belwo:

 For a positive start to the day make sure you check out Leah's story on episode #021, it's the Tuesday motivation we're all looking for. #BittaCraic

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