No Shame Cast Episode #026 - Deguze

When Paddy Holohan built SBG D24 from the ground up, he explained that his gym was going to give people a second chance, to discover life all over again. This weeks guest, Deguze is that second chance guy. Guze is a renowned Dublin based artist who has found a new lease of life in the form of Jiu jitsu and become a pillar of the SBG D24 community.

Listen to episode #026 below:


Guze sights Paddy as a source of inspiration in helping him to get his life back on track. Contributing to the opening of the Gym 8 months ago was the focus that he needed to overcome addiction. The lads examine just about everything on the show including recent events in Palestine, Peter Queally's stunning victory in Russia, a Bamma recap, along with the usual roundup of conspiracies and general nonsense.

Watch episode #026 below:

This one is a good philosophical chat about life that will leave you deep in thought long after the episode's conclusion. Paddy will tell you himself, the whole reason he started the podcast was to interview people like Deguze and before you ask, no it's not the Hooligan's Dad. Check it out now, well worth the listen.



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