No Shame Cast Episode #029 - Chris Fields

On this weeks episode of No Shame, Paddy sits down with an OG of Irish MMA, Chris Fields. Not only does 'The Housewives choice' have one of the slickest names in the game but also one of the meanest leg kicks around.

Listen to episode #029 below.


Episode #029 offers a nostalgic look back on what it was like growing up in early 00's Dublin. Paddy & Chris trade stories of their teenage experiences, with most usually ending in absolute havoc.There are some heartwarming stories in there too which highlight the incredible bond of the original SBG crew. Chris also talks about life as a coach in SBG Swords along with the challenge of remaining hungry after finding success.

Watch episode #029 below.


Story of the week involves Colonel Chicken and a set of big hairy balls, also special shout out to Pavel Couch, master of Ham Sambos and a worthy foe. No Shame.

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