No Shame Cast Episode #031 - Artem Lobov

On this weeks No Shame, Paddy sits down with Artem Lobov. The Russian Hammer has become a legendary figure in Irish MMA for his incredible toughness, loyalty and heart. Artem is one of the most respected UFC fighters in the game for his attitude of fighting anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Many will recognise Artem as Conor McGregor's sparring partner and close friend, but what most people won't know is that the Russian hammer is super silky on the dance floor. Artem has a background in Ballroom dancing and occasionally busts a move at a good Irish wedding.

Watch episode #031 below


Artem talks to Paddy about what it takes to be tough and his origin story of how he ended up in Ireland is an absolute cracker (Russia to Dublin via Argentina/Letterkenny). Don't miss this one, hopefully the first of many appearances for the Russian Hammer.

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