No Shame Cast Episode #034: Nathan Corbett

Paddy is joined by the legendary Nathan 'The Carnage' Corbett. Nathan is an Australian 11 time Muay Thai World Champion. Now retired, Nathan talks to Paddy about life before, during and after his fighting career.

From surfer to warrior, Nathan talks about how an improbable school yard scrap at the age of 14 altered the course of his life forever. It was the feeling of insecurity and fear that lead to him enrolling in Karate class courtesy of a free 4 week voucher his mother found at a restaurant (See The Flyers do Work).

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Nathan talks about his progression from Karate to striking/ Muay Thai. Although fear was a common element in his mindset, Nathan refused to shy away from any challenge throughout the course of his career and faced anything and everything thrown at him with a warrior's mindset.

It was that attitude that helped him to become world champion. Despite almost always winning during a glittering Muay Thai Career, Nathan outlines how losing can be even more important than victory as it is a source of growth, not only as a fighter but a person also.

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Now in retirement, Nathan has focused his attention on passing on his knowledge. Corbett states that he is on a mission and has set up the Ultimate Warrior Global alongside Niall Meegan, which focuses on retreat, seminars & coaching. The retreat focuses on strength and conditioning for the mind, body and soul over the course of a week to channel that inner warrior everyone has inside.

Episode #033 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame podcast is powerful. It provides a unique, humorous, insight into the mindset of an out and out winner. Anyone that has ever worked hard to achieve something will be able to relate to this. For more information on the Ultimate Warrior retreats and how to sign up for the next one, click on the link here.

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