No Shame Cast Episode #036: Philip Mulpeter

Paddy is joined by 'The Honeybadger' himself, Philip Mulpeter. In Paddy's words Philip is a 'professional fighter and a beautiful mind'. Part of the original SBG Ireland crew that stormed the world of MMA, Philip talks about the origins of becoming a pro fighter. There's some cracking stories in there & Phil has such an eloquent way of describing things. The Honeybadger also opens up about his break from pro fighting & why he couldn't stay away. Now a successful business man, Philip is headcoach of SBG Portarlington & discusses the balancing act of running a gym along with training full time as a pro fighter.

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The first half of episode #036 packs all the punches of a text book 'No Shame' episode. However it's the second half of the podcast that really takes on a life of it's own as Phil opens up about his battle with depression. After 3 years of research, Philip talks about his experience of growing/taking magic mushrooms & how it helped to remedy his depression. He also talks about taking Ayahuasca to help with his anxiety. It is fantastic storytelling from the Honeybadger, Philip has a skill at bringing his memories to life. Truly inspirational words from a man that is all about hard work and dedication.

This episode goes down as an instant classic. Check it out now.

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