No Shame Cast Episode #043: Yvonne Stringer & John Lally

Paddy is joined by Yvonne Stringer & John Lally for episode #043 of No Shame. This episode is about the importance of podcasts & how they can educate & inform real life people to help make real life decisions. John & Yvonne are on the show to talk about their son Christian. Christian is a colourful 9 year old boy with ADHD, ADD, Autism & anxiety.

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Christian was struggling with school, socialising with friends and having major meltdowns. Having been left with little to no help from the HSE, Yvonne took matters into her own hands after listening to multiple episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience ( namely Dr. Jordan Peterson & Dr. Rhonda Patrick episodes). Joe Rogan's podcast identified how the benefits of good nutrition could help to improve symptoms of ADHD dramatically.

After doing further research Yvonne & John decided to supplement Christian with Zinc & Magnesium. They soon noticed major improvements in Christian. The Health Services alternative was to supplement Christian with Ritalin, a drug with unpleasant side effects that can be extremely harmful to a kids development.

John & Yvonne are well known in the Irish Jujutsu community. Their older son Max is a promising young talent at just 15 years of age. Along with Max, Christian also trains Jujutsu. Yvonne & John discuss the mental benefits that the sport has on their son & how it also helps with Christian's symptoms.

Watch episode #043 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast below:


Unfortunately there is still not a lot of information in Ireland conditions such as ADHD in Ireland. John & Yvonne felt it was important to come on the podcast and share their story in the hope that it might be as beneficial to someone as the Joe Rogan experience was to them, it's great to see them come full circle & pass on their message. It was an absolute pleasure having them in the No Shame studio & it further the ever increasing power of the people.

It wouldn't be Tuesday if you didn't kick start it with an inspirational No Shame cast so make sure you check out episode #043 now & keep spreading the  love.

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