No Shame cast episode #060: David White

An Incredibly thought provoking conversation this week as we're joined by sports psychologist, public speaker & author, David White for episode #060 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast. David is in the studio to talk about the concepts, ideas & motivation behind his new book 'Superstitionism - The Psychology of Sport'. White is able to explain his methodology in a unique way by linking his concepts & theories to amusing stories & anecdotes involving household names across professional Football, Boxing & MMA. This episode offers an intriguing look into the mind of an athlete, how to control that mindset & ultimately own your game.

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David is a former coach education & orientation tutor with Sport NI, 'Football for All' facilitator for the Irish Football Association (IFA) & was awarded the title of Thaiboxing Kru (Teacher) at the World renowned Master Toddy Academy in Las Vegas (now located in Thailand).

During the podcast David talks about some of the projects he's been involved with over the years to help improve relations between both the catholic & protestant communities in Northern Ireland, including & brilliant story behind the origins of the famous 'We're not Brazil, we're Northern Ireland' chant.

Listen to episode #060 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast below:


David is an advocate of thinking environments which expand human potential and develops captivating coaching strategies to enhance business practice, lifestyle and sport. He is highly proficient in the promotion of leadership, transitioning and change, and formed part of an Executive Program for Leaders at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. He is much sought after in business and sporting enterprise as a prominent and dynamic public speaker, national learning facilitator, consultant and performance coach who engages his audience in respectful discourse using wordplay and humour to establish rapport.

"When you win, you won, attribute the credit to yourself & if you don't win have a look at where you went wrong. It wasn't because of your lucky socks or your lucky underwear. . . if you do well take credit, if you don't, go put it right, but always take responsibility." - David White.

The whole aim of the podcast is to encourage creative thinking, we also aim to offer a new angle with each episode & David White does just that in a brilliant discussion from start to finish. If you're an athlete of any kind or have aspirations to reach the highest level in your chosen field then this is essential viewing/listening. If the topics discussed on this week's episode interest you then we'd encourage you to check out David's book 'Superstitionism- The Psychology of Sport' available to buy now on amazon.

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