No Shame Cast episode #009 - Rory O'Connor

No Shame Cast episode #009 - Rory O'Connor. The man behind the microphone and early adopter of social audio Paddy 'the Hooligan' Holohan sat with none other than Rory O'Connor the man behind Rory's stories.

Rory is an Irish comedian who has risen to fame thanks to his hilarious social media videos, where he takes situations from Ireland and highlights how funny they can be.


Rory first began his career creating comedy sketches from the world of his beloved GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) but has since expanded his content to encapsulate the life of builders on the work site, Irish couples and many more.


Some of Rory's videos have reached over 1 million views so you know he is doing something right!

Paddy and Rory are both very humble, funny Irish characters but do not under estimate the time, work rate and mental attitude that both these men have invested into their respective careers in order to succeed.


This podcast is extremely funny both Paddy and Rory have great chemistry together. As well as having 'the craic' these two familiar Irish faces also reflect on what it takes to be successful and see your dreams become a reality.

They offer some wonderful advice to anyone thinking about leaving their comfort zone and taking a risk to pursue a passion or a new goal, be it career or otherwise.

There was an added bonus to this Podcast , this conversation inspired Rory to make another Rory's stories video this time staring Paddy!

this was very funny and well worth a watch, at the time of writing this blog it is well on its way to having 100,000 views!

Rory is committed to start his own podcast in 2018 so stay tuned you may hear Rory's stories social audio on Limor in the future!

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