No Shame Cast #062: INMO Nurses, Sara O'Dwyer & Cian O Bradaigh

Sara O'Dwyer & Cian O Bradaigh, two Irish Nurses of the INMO (Irish Nurses & Midwives Organisation), join us in the studio for episode #062 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame podcast. Sara & Cian, both based in the Mater Hospital A&E, are on the couch to discuss the reasons behind the Nationwide industrial action which will see nearly 40,000 Nurses & Midwives strike across 240 locations today.

Watch episode #062 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast below:

Sara & Cian explain how the number of patients a nurse treats during a shift has increased significantly over the past 5 years. People are living longer, hospital visits are on the rise & there's a severe shortage of beds to cater for the influx. A typical 13 hour shift in A&E can see a nurse assess up to 50 patients.

Many nurses & midwives are leaving the country due to stressful working conditions & less take home pay than other countries. In a survey conducted by the INMO in 2018, Up to 71% of 4th year Midwifery students stated they were considering emigrating. This causes a greater workload with less staff to manage it. This can result in many patients not getting the full attention they need, explains Sara.

As a result, many nurses skip lunch breaks & work over time to cater for as much patients as possible. Given the nature of the job, undivided attention is essential as human error can prove fatal when it comes to caring for a person's health.

Listen to  episode #062 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast below:

Ireland's major hospitals are based in cities where the cost of living is significantly higher. Currently a senior nurse can't afford to live in Dublin. As a result many are forced to commute on top of long, stressful days.

These are just some reasons listed by Sara & Cian as to why the INMO are going on strike today. The nurses feel they should be paid equal as they work just as hard as there HSE counterparts & have the same level of qualification.  

It's extremely difficult to dedicate yourself to a job when you feel undervalued & nursing is all about personal dedication to the role of caring for someone elderly, ill or injured.

We'd like to thank Cian & Sara for coming on the show & shedding some much needed light on an issue that everyone needs to know about. This one is a must watch for anyone who isn't aware of the reason behind the strike action.

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