Max & John Lally | BJJ | No Shame Podcast #090

Father & son duo, Max & John Lally join us in the studio for episode #090 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast. Max is one of the most promising talents on the Irish fight scene right now & at just 16 years of age, has already tasted European success in both gI & no-gi competition. John is a BJJ purple belt, with a background in cycling & is making his second appearance on the show. You can watch his first episode here.

Max, a BJJ blue belt under Coach John Kavanagh, trains out of SBG Ireland & has recently returned from a month & 10 days of fight camp in the US. During his time in the states, Lally racked up rounds with UFC veteran Kurt Pellegrino, Coach John Danaher & BJJ legend turned MMA fighter Garry Tonon, as he spent his time training in the prestigious Renzo Gracie Academy.

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Max explains how it was the little details that proved the most valuable & speaks of the contrast in style between the Jersey wrestlers compared to what he's used to back home under the guidance of his wrestling coach, the technically brilliant, Sergey Pikulskiy.

During this week's podcast John discusses the benefits of practicing BJJ & how training regularly gives him an appreciation for what his son has to go through. John believes the sideline abuse would stop almost completely if these 'Championship' parents were familiar with the degree of difficulty involved in BJJ, wrestling, or indeed any sport for that matter.

On the second half of the episode the lads discuss all things conspiracy related, touching on topics such as PED's, The Vietnam War, The Nuremberg Trials & the idea that the ruling class in this country have brainwashed the Irish people through generations of tradition.

Paddy references the recent revelations about Regina Doherty & the fact the minister spent €60 million on the Public Service card, a scheme that ultimately proved to be completely irrelevant. The story broke the same day the media released the Conor McGregor CCTV footage & Paddy believes the timing of the clip was no coincidence. In what he describes as a smoke screen, he poses the theory that the government leaked the clip to the media in a bid to distract the Irish public from the fact that €60 million euro of the tax payers money has gone down the drain. The fact Regina Doherty was not the main story on the news suggests that there is something fundamentally wrong with traditional media at the minute. 


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Paddy also raises questions on the CCTV footage, as the timecode in the video suggests that nearly 3 minutes has been omitted, possibly in an attempt to shape the narrative of the piece against Conor. Although he doesn't condone the behaviour of punching somebody in a bar, Paddy explains that it happens all the time, we don't know the full facts & that a politician blowing €60 million of taxpayers money, is a far greater crime. 

With Brexit on the horizon, it's a very odd time we're living in but perhaps theres never been a better chance for a United Ireland. John & Paddy discuss the merits to such an outcome. One thing is for sure, if that day comes around, the Lally's are definitely invited to the after party.

From listening to this weeks episode it's clear that Max has wisdom way beyond his years. The incredible guidance from both his parents, along with the right mindset & work ethic to succeed, would suggest that young Max Lally is destined for big things & we can't wait to watch him rise up.  


It's always a pleasure to have John on the podcast & something tells us this won't be his last appearance either.

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