No Shame Cast Episode #024 - Damian Browne

The inspirational Damian Browne returns to the No Shame couch for an eagerly anticipated catch up with Paddy. Damian, a former professional Rugby player, spent 63 days rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean to successfully complete his most daring challenge to date. To put it into perspective, more people have scaled the summit of Mount Everest.

Listen to episode #024 below.

Damian was our very first guest on Episode #001 of the No Shame podcast back in November. At the time he was just days from beginning his row and talked all about his preparation, both mentally and physically. Paddy briefly revisits their first encounter in the Limor powered studio before Damian reveals all about his trans Atlantic Journey. It is one of the most incredible stories you will hear all year.

Watch episode #024 below

On Episode #024 some stand out moments of Damian's row include a nightmare start on day 1, being alone on Christmas day, capsizing twice in stormy conditions and a brief encounter with a yacht full of beautiful women. Perhaps the most remarkable moment of Damian's odyssey was making eye contact with a whale, who came within touching distance of Damian's boat. Damian also talks about adjusting back to life after the row and his key take aways from the experience.

We can't do this story justice with words. You simply need to listen to the podcast now and after you do you'll feel like you can take on the world. Damian Browne is a hero. I'll make a cup of tea for that man I'll day long.

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