No Shame Cast Episode #046: Gary "Spike" O'Sullivan

Paddy is joined by Gary 'Spike' O'Sullivan for episode #046 of the No Shame podcast. Spike is a pro boxer with an impressive record of 28-3 (20 KO's). From growing up in Mahon, Cork, to fighting in the T-Mobile Arena in Sin City, Spike talks about the journey he's taken so far and why he won't quit until he's world champ.

Listen to episode #046 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast below.


A defining moment of Spike's childhood was witnessing Steve Collins defeat Chris Eubank in that epic 1995 title bout, in Millstreet Arena. Spike would later become a part of the Eubank/Collins rivalry as he faced Eubank Jr. himself in December, 2015. Spike's head coach is Steve's brother, Packie Collins. Although he may not stock the nicest biscuits in his kitchen press, Packie is a world class trainer & O'Sullivan tells us about the influence he's had on his own career.

Watch episode #046 of Paddy Holohan's No Shame Podcast below.


Spike tells us how recent adjustment to his nutrition has him feeling better than ever. His most recent defeat to Lemieux was a minor set back for O'Sullivan who has vowed to become World Champ before he calls it a day. It's all about persistence for Spike, He's got heart & is a proper Irish Warrior. If you're a boxing fan this one is for you. It was great to have Spike in and we look forward to seeing him return as a champion one day.

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